Coupe Spengler Davos

Spengler Cup - Unlimited Public WLAN

The starting situation

Since it was first played in 1923, the Spengler Cup has developed into an impressive major event that guarantees spectacular entertainment both on and off the ice. Big events demand state-of-the-art communication infrastructure. On the one hand, organisers want to optimally meet the needs of customers by providing a fast, functional WLAN and modern means of communication, while on the other hand also deriving the corresponding benefits and analyses.

«Enkom is an experienced and competent partner whose collaboration we value greatly.»*

 *(Achim Dähler, Hockey Club Davos AG)

We have the solution

Enkom works with respected partners to develop the perfect solution: Huawei offers powerful hardware that enables a highly available, redundant IT network with firewalls and access controllers in the high-end sector. Huawei components boast a simple configuration, efficient operation and excellent value. The solution offers the flexibility to be expanded at any time depending on the situation and needs. u will receive a perfectly coordinated package supplemented with the integration of a communication solution from Loop21. The Loop21 solution enables easy communication with terminals, which is appealing to a number of areas. This allows for direct communication with customers via their smartphones while also delivering useful information about customer behaviour based on data analysis. Hotspot software is already being used in countless places such as ski resorts, stadiums, shopping centres, events and cities. This is a temporary set-up for the Spengler Cup 2015.

 Benefits for the Operator

  • Locally relevant real-time communication with visitors
  • Customer-specific advertising based on customer profiles such as gender, age and interests
  • Advertising platform for lessees and partners
  • Campaign and event advertising
  • E-commerce: direct link to the online shop of the Spengler Cup
  • Crisis communication through emergency messages
  • No app download necessary due to browser-based content
  • Automatic language recognition for users
  • Valuable marketing data such as e-mail addresses and customer profiles
  • Survey options are customisable
  • Comprehensive statistics and information such as language, age, gender, unique user or returning visitor
  • Visitor flow and movement analyses of your customers (heat maps)
  • User behaviour with regard to use of the content management system, such as landing page views, button-view clicks or banner-view clicks