Enkom Becoming Part Group Suntel Group

Enkom Becoming Part of Suntel Group

Sursee, 14th October 2019

Enkom is becoming part of the European telecommunication group called Suntel Group and will strengthen its capacities for construction and implementation of state-of-the-art network technologies such as cloud solutions, AI, IoT, or 5G. Know-how in the area of acquisition and engineering will be a benefit not only for clients in Switzerland but also for clients of Suntel Group in other European countries where the group currently operates.

Experienced designers and specialists in sophisticated network solutions of Enkom reinforce the position of Suntel Group as a progressive player in the European telecommunication market. On the other hand, the investment possibilities of Suntel Group will strengthen Enkom which will be able to design, modernize and build networks even more efficiently also for the most demanding needs of a wide portfolio of Clients.

“Our acquisition activities are a reaction to the ever increasing requirements of customers regarding the capacity and scope of services we provide. Enkom is bringing into the group a valuable know-how and it helps to expand the already rich portfolio of our services. I believe the synergic effect we reach will be an undisputed benefit for the customers of both companies. We are planning on preserving Enkom in the market as a stand-alone brand and thus leverage the 30 years of its experience, relations and potential to the fullest,“ says Jan Žďárský, the Chief Executive Officer of Suntel Group.

Enkom has been operating in the Swiss market for more than 30 years and its client portfolio includes the biggest Swiss telecommunication operators and global technology suppliers and many other companies from the field of retail sales, telecommunications, government institutions, construction or transport infrastructure.

For its part, Enkom AG benefits from the strong project and service experience of Suntel Group. Through the merger, we are consistently expanding our service portfolio along the entire value added chain. As a result, we can now offer our customer broader service portfolio and more capacity,“ explains Roger Notter, CEO of Enkom.

About Suntel Group
Suntel Group has provided comprehensive services in mobile and fixed telecommunication infrastructure already for more than 20 years, including implementation of sophisticated solutions such as cloud technologies and IoT. The Group is currently operating in six countries, namely in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Netherlands. Suntel Group counts to date more than 500 employees. The expected revenues for this year should exceed EUR 60 mil.