We serve as a partner who supports you fully in all stages of the life cycle of your solution: from consultation and planning through to implementation and operating and maintenance services. We develop an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and continuously improve their performance. You receive options for optimising your business processes and ICT infrastructure over the entire value chain. We are well versed in the following topics:



Internet of Things (IoT) & Location Based Services (LBS) Logo

Internet of Things (IoT) & Location Based Services (LBS)

The “Internet of Things” and “Location Based Services” create networks of people, machines and processes. This benefits both people and companies. Digitized processes and value chains are streamlined with maximum transparency, enabling the development of new, attractive fields of application. Enkom supports customers with end-to-end IoT and LBS solutions ranging from process and technology consulting through the provision of sensors, technologies and applications to their integration in back-end systems and processes.

Inhalte: Smart City, Smart Utilities, Metering, Predictive Analytics & Maintenance (LoRa, WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID).

Core & Broadband Network Logo

Core & Broadband Network

Modern fiber-optic and coaxial networks transfer huge data volumes and facilitate quick Internet access, video-on-demand, communication and the networking of data centers and applications via high-performance networks. Enkom offers compre- hensive communication solutions for the broadband networking of sites and buildings.

Contents: optical networks (WDM, DWDM, GbE), access technologies (FTTx, DSLAM, HFC), core network, routing & switching.

Infrastructure Engineering Logo

Infrastructure Engineering

Enkom plans and implements facilities for mobile and fixed network infra- structures, from acquisition through engineering to construction permits. On the basis of plans, we build, integrate and operate facilities and infrastructures on behalf of network operators. We adopt a technology- neutral and non-proprietary approach to creating access, backbone, mobile, fixed, wireless and directional beam networks including the subsequent Services.

Contents: site acquisition, engineering, civil work, GIS, implementation & installation, NIR services. Technologies: HFC, FTTx, mobile, radio, microwave, in-house.

Digital Building Technology Logo

Digital Building Technology

More than 80 percent of data and signal volumes take place within buildings. Enkom provides building digitization and communication capacity management solutions ranging from general generic building wiring to transmission systems and indoor mobile communications solutions as well as LAN and WLAN solutions. These also include infotainment applications (information and entertainment, digital video and radio signal distribution) and the networking of building sensors (IoT) as well as the digitization of infra- structures such as tunnel systems and public Transport.

Contents: mobile coverage, infotain- ment, public safety, repeater systems (WLAN, LTE, UMTS, GSM, TETRA, TETRAPOL, DAB+, Bluetooth), Routing & switching, building control.

Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

The planning, implementation, operation and optimization of wireless networks have long been among Enkom’s core competencies. Our know-how in all relevant technologies is both extensive and unique, ranging from mobile broadband through low-power networks to digital wireless networks. We develop supply concepts and network plans on behalf of our customers. We evaluate the appropriate Technology and the suitable manufacturer. Enkom’s core competencies also include measurement technology. Many years of practical experience mean that we are ideally placed to measure and analyze all current wireless technologies and to make the appropriate improvements.

Contents: mobile & broadband:LTE, UMTS, GSM, WLAN. Low-power
network: LoRa, SigFox, NB-IoT. Low
energy: Zigbee, Bluetooth, RFID.
Language: DMR, PMR, DECT, VoIP.