RFID stands for radio frequency identification and enables the contactless identification and localisation of objects in real time - even without visual contact. The information is stored on RFID tags and delivers standardised, valuable tracking information that is read with RFID readers. This greatly increases and automates the efficiency of the entire value chain in industry, logistics, vehicle detection and retail. With our unique "CrossTalk" software solution, consolidated data can continue to be used in the process.

Technological leader in the area of RFID

Enkom has expertise in UHF technology that is unique in Switzerland and, as a member of the Kathrein Group, has its own globally leading RFID product portfolio. This is developed and manufactured in Germany in accordance with the guidelines of the strict ISO TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001 standards. We operate a proprietary test laboratory in Switzerland and are able to carry out more extensive analyses at Kathrein’s own test centre.

We have innovative, high-performance RFID hardware such as readers and antennas. Our globally leading, SAP-certified CrossTalk software allows for plug-and-play readers and the building of robust total solutions.

Its ability to be flexibly integrated into various IT environments is unparalleled. Any identification technology, such as barcode readers or RFID labels, can be seamlessly integrated in order to be depicted graphically by means of track and trace visualisation, for example. Interfaces to ERP and SCM systems can also be established.

Our solutions and applications

In addition to experience in a range of industries, Enkom also has extensive knowledge of ready-made and specifically formulated solutions.

RFID Industrie

Industry Industry

The use of RFID in industry is particularly suitable for making automation and production processes more efficient and transparent.

RFID Fahrzeugerfassung

Vehicle detection

Due to its long range, RFID technology can be used to depict detection, controls and authorisations, in particular for vehicles and other means of Transport.

RFID Retail


The RFID-UHF merchandise protection system allows inventory levels to be significantly reduced. Logistics processes can be optimised over large distances and countries.

RFID Logistik


Our new, intelligent readers can quickly and securely detect several hundred transponders. The direction and position of a moving transponder can be easily recognised over large distances.