Bild LPN LoRa

Low Power Wide Area Network / LoRa

LPWANs, in particular LoRa networks, are essential to the Internet of things and enable sensors to be globally networked. These data networks use licence-free frequency bands and the sensors operate for more than ten years on the same batteries. Thanks to our experience, we have all the necessary expertise to build a carrier-grade network that meets professional requirements.

What are low-power wide-area Networks?

Various devices use sensors to transmit individual pieces of information such as brightness, temperature, status, "in motion" or "at rest" within the LoRa low-power wide-area network (LPWAN). Thanks to its narrow bandwidth and robust modulation, this data network has an extremely large range, allowing it to penetrate deep into buildings or even underground. The sensors require little energy, enabling them to be used for more than ten years. This also keeps the network’s emissions very low. Furthermore, low-cost and long-lasting maintenance expands the opportunities for new business models and service offers.

What are the advantages of LoRa LPWAN?

LoRa LPWANs are particularly suitable for linking battery-operated sensors in local to national networks. They use licence-free frequency bands so they can also be operated as private networks. The connection to gateways and a central network server creates a wireless network or a combination of various networks, which enables the implementation of new business cases. LPWANs are crucial for the IoT (Internet of things) and can be used in the following areas, for example.

Potential areas of application

  • Energy sector: Reading of water and electricity meters
  • Infrastructure and buildings: Building automation such as light, climate, heating and ventilation control
  • Ecology: Intelligent rubbish containers, e.g. notification when a container is full
  • Cities (smart city): Demand-driven lighting control, e.g. light based on people’s movements
  • Mobility: Parking spaces with occupancy sensors
  • Healthcare: Digital hospitals that save energy and resources