Enkom PerMIT

Enkom is presenting a high-performance solution to analyse your broadcast networks. The Performance Measurement & Investigation Tool for Digital Broadcasting (PerMIT) is a powerful tool and a complete system to assist you through any phase of radio network planning, realisation and maintenance as well as in the quality assurance of your broadcasting networks.

Advanced digital signal processing algorithms

PerMIT follows strictly the concept of SDR (Software Defined Radio). Input are high quality I/Q-data of a suitable test receiver. Demodulation, channel decoding and mea­surements of all relevant parameters as well as gene­ration of statistics and graphics are done by the software. Advanced digital signal processing algorithms allow robust and precise measurements both in stationary and mobile environments.

PerMIT Measure

All listed broadcast technologies can be measured in parallel with one hardware. The measurement system is suited for mobile as well as for stationary and long term measurements. The powerful channel-scans give a fast overview over the band. Radiation pattern and height profile can be recorded. Many other analysis features are included.


PerMIT Replay

After doing the measurements, measured data can be replayed and analysed in detail with PerMIT Replay. Measurement data are displayed on a topographic map and in trace charts. Spectrum, constellation, channel impulse response and much more parameters can be investigated in Detail.

PerMIT Export

Create TAB separated files to visualise the measurement with all parameters individually. Import them in any geographic information system (GIS) such as MapInfo, ArcView or even GoogleEarth.

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