City WLAN Public WLAN


Make your city mobile and invest in a foundation for now and the digital future. With a highly available WLAN, you are investing in a forward-looking project that will not only benefit tourists and local residents, but which is of great interest to businesses and other establishments as well.

  • Public WLAN als Fundament

The digital transformation of the future

The world is networked, and this includes your city. The increase in online communication and digital media and the growing mediatization of society are progressing rapidly. People can communicate at any time, anywhere, and the hot topics are cloud, mobility and broadband Internet. Stable economic development and the effective and reliable operation of infrastructure are decisive success factors for the future. Now is the time to lay the foundation for the digital transformation with a highly available, comprehensive WLAN infrastructure and to create a basis for the evolution of your city.

Uninterrupted WLAN coverage

Modern guests want modern infrastructure. Nowadays, international tourists in particular expect Internet access via WLAN. Not all users of a mobile device have a flat-rate subscription or their own SIM card. Depending on the location, mobile service is not always good area-wide. Allow your customers to surf without using up their own data and give them good, permanent Internet access. Be it on holiday or inside, on the go or for private or work purposes – the demand for public Internet access points is still growing rapidly.

Potential areas of application

  • Cities and tourism destinations
  • Public institutions such as schools, museums, parks and hospitals
  • Hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, shopping centres, exhibition centres and event sites
  • Retail, wholesale and office space
  • Mobility sector, including public transport, railway stations, bus stops and airports

Benefits for you as a WLAN operator

  • Image as a modern facility
  • Special offer and event advertising
  • Locally relevant real-time communication of the latest news during events such as city festivals
  • Customer-specific advertising of own products as well as an advertising platform for third-party providers
  • Valuable customer information through customer profiles and visitor flow and movement analyses (heat maps)
  • Extended length of stay => increasing revenues